The Misadventures of Dubio X

Sunday, June 19, 2005


Its been a while.

Are people actually reading this crap?

Updates have been scarce/non-existent for the last few months due to work n all starting up.

Should I keep doing this stuff?..If you're here, drop a comment please... If I manage to reach an excrutiating amount of comments about why I should keep this blog up...i may keep it up!...otherwise

asta lavista senioritas.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Lost in an American Horror Movie

T'was the night of the sixth day of the week. Seven unruly teenagers (their psychological age) attempted to travel to their nearest township in order seekout a night of entertaining festivites.

However, on that eventful night, they commenced their journey at a horrible time. For little did they know, their carriages had been cursed by the Town Witch "Britannia Pertrolia" (also known by the common folk as BP). The witch cast her One Hundred and Eighteenth point Nine (118.9) spell on the unsuspecting travellers and her potion seeped into the organs of their horses.

The travellers on this journey were Stella.exe, Isaiah.exe, K, The Boy Racer, Smokin G, Ollie_g1rl and Dubio X.

The travellers commenced their journey, however very soon they became frustrated at the directions the Oracle had given them. Their carriages thundered through paths of light and into darkness. Many a backward turn was made. Many a curse was spoken. Their journey had lengthend from what was supposed to be a third of an hour towards three quarters of an hour.

Were they ever going to find the next township?
The outlook was grim.

All was quiet, whence upon the travellers came across a dark and gloomy cabin. The teenagers, being as unruly as they were, decided to stop and seek advice from the occupants of this strange habitation.

They all cautiously dismounted their carriages and crept toward the entrance of the cabin. The door was wide open and the travellers followed each other into the darkness. This was a step they should not have made, for as soon as they began to explore, a ghostly goul leaped out of nowhere and began to terrorise the group. They all screamed (and a few weeping of tears) ran for their lives into a nearby cornfield.

Very soon they became lost and disoriented. They could not find their way back. They had to stick with one another, and rely on the magnificent two inch torch Smoking G had thoughtfully decided to bring.

"You stupid fool!"
"Why didn't you bring a larger one!?" cried many a member of the group.

"They don't make 'em that big for me" sobbed Smokin-G

Unfortunately he had no-one to cuddle for support that night.

"Besides, it's not how large it is, it's how you use it that matters!" he quipped.

The explorers forgave Smoking-G, for they should have known they could not expect much from him anyway.

The group huddled together and crept into darkness, all unknowing what was to be in store ahead for them.

More time captures of their ordeal can be found here.

If you see any of these explorers, please contact me in a heart's beat, for none of them have ever been seen since that day.

These time captures were found inside a cob of corn after I cooked, and began to eat it.

A terrible story.


Thursday, February 03, 2005

Its been a while

Yo, it's been a while aye.

The Freak in my chem class has been at it again following this one chick around all the time. She decided to sit on the opposite side of the room she normally sits at, and Freak decided to come right over and follow. He sat right next to her. She was pissed off obviously, moved again and let out a "Why do you always have to follow me everywhere!".

I think he cried.

Today is random link day. Some are oldish news articles that I saved but hadnb't had time to put up for you to see. I also can't be arsed putting descriptions as to what the links are about. But they're worth it.

Have fun.,2106,3158043a11,00.html;jsessionid=MHRQR2FG1D5SSQSNDBCSKH0CJUMEKJVN?articleID=57701185,4057,11936358%5E13762,00.html

A teacher of a primary school class asks her students, "Give me a sentence using the word 'definitely'"
One of the students replies "The sky is definately blue"
"Not necessarily,"she replies,"when its really cloudy, the skies are grey"
"Grass is definitely green", says another student
"The grass isn't definatly green when its hot and the grass turns brown"
"Miss," says a third student, "Are farts lumpy?"
"No they're not," she replies, "And you should be ashamed of yourself for aking that question"
The student replies, "In that case, I've definitely crapped my pants"

A piece of paper can be folded no more then 9 times.

This guy has been blind since birth.:

Peace out

Monday, January 17, 2005

wtf? lol. rofl.

I picked up the first issue of craccum today. It was typically filled with class/ass, news & reviews, fake letters to the editor, sexual advice to fake letters to "Te Atatu Stu", Ice Cream flavour/brand reviews, bad spelling, mildly funny imagery, and a competition to win a Star Wars Poster.

Now, you see, I don't often enter competitions because I'm generally unlucky and don't win anything. But since I'm so broke at the moment, and thought I actually might have a chance in winning this crappy little competition because I was the first person to pick up a copy of the magazine... then I should enter.

To win the competition, all i had to do was anser this quetion:
One of the first Star Wars films originally included the word "Revenge" in its title. Lucas eventually changed this after a loyal fan rightly pointed out that Jedi Knights could never take "Revenge". Which was that film?

I'd like you to answer that for yourself. What was that movie?
Well..."revenge" and "return" sound kinda similar..and they both have to do with I thought of course "Return of the Jedi"!! Sweet. I'm shoot off home to email them quick.

My email:
-----Original Message-----
Sent: Monday, January 17, 2005 2:10 PM
To: craccum2005
Subject: Films Competition

Was the Star Wars film called: Return of the Jedi ??


ps. any more cool free stuff for a poor student?

Craccum's Email:
"Na dude it was the empire strikes back... Ok so it was the easiest question
ever. The poster is one of Anakin before he turns into vader, but i warn
you, if you're not really a fan you probably won't think much of it. No more
free stuff that's all we have. currenttly i'm trying to score scissors and
drawing pins, that's how sad things are around here.

Just come up to our offices to get the poster whenever. We're next to

cheers" kinda proves that I'm hopeless at competitions, and I guessed the "easiest question of all time" wrong. But the craccum dude was nice enough to realise I'm poor, and gonna try and sell the poster on trademe (actually he doesn't, but that's what I'm gonna do!!!) for some extra cash, and gave it to me anyway. Sweet!. I guess I'll pick it up tomorow.

In other news, I took the wrong bus home today and got on the express and ended up in ruddy Otahuhu. Not that theres anything wrong with that of course. 45 minutes later I was back home.

In other unconnected news... I hate the bus.

I congratulate you for reading down this far.
Here's some random facts to annoy you with, because I'm going to summer school and I bet you arent. So I'll make you learn something atleast....

* Back in 1919 the Russian transplant pioneer Serge Voronoff made headlines by grafting monkey testicles onto human males.
* A human head remains conscious for about 15 to 20 seconds after it has been decapitated.
* A jiffy is an actual unit of time for 1/100th of a second. Thus the saying, "I will be there in a jiffy".

Time wasting Links!!!
Is your monitor filthy from your stinking greasy fingers? This'll clean it!

Ali G. Aiiite.

If you thought I was a nerd. Check this kid out! His site is here.

And finally ....the game of the update! Shoot em up. Mildly exciting. If you can read japanese. (though you don't need to)

Nerd alert. Non g33ks I guarantee you this won't interest you. So don't even bother looking here. Though it does show google is pretty cool.

Something funny. Please note, contains nudity, though quite funny. So don't look at this when your at work, or else you'll be fired tomorrow. I guarantee it. Its a "man concentration test"Also not suitable for public computers, or when your folks are reading over your shoulder in an attempt to catch you "e-spading" on msn/icq. If you don't know what "e-spading" is, think about it. If you still don't know, ask Basildogz. (note: that line is only funny if you know who Basildogz is).
PS. Hi Basildogz!

Sorry....too much rambling. Here's the link!

Sorry there aren't many pics today.
Maybe next time!

wtf u 5till readin this u l33t haxx0r?
gtg g33k.

Monday, January 10, 2005

G33kishly B0red

Its official. I've spent the last 2.5 hours randomly clicking through other people's blogs.

Yep, I'm bored as sh*t on a stick.

Upon reading through a never-ending collection of blogs, I was able to witness first hand ignorance of fundamental HCI (Human-Computer-Interaction) rules. Grammar, spelling, whitespace usage, menu placements, banner ads and a blinding sense of color co-ordination was rife throught my 2.5 hour escapade. But the most dissapointing thing was, the content was crap!

Now that you know all the other blogs out there are complete and utter turkey poop, you can have the re-assurance you are reading the bestest blog in the world.


In other news, Vertically Challenged Cuzzy emailed me today about something to do with the HCI deficiencies of this blog. As some or none of you will know, Vertically Challenged Cuzzy is a l33t Computer Haxx0r/Scientist. Enough said.

I think I've been eating too many chockies. Soon I'll need these. Sweet!

Have you ever wanted to know how to do something geekish but didn't know how? Did you ever used to play those games in DOS 6.0, and actually read those "readme.txt" files? Well this site has text files on basically anything you wanted to know in a very "hackerish" feel. There is a huge number of these files, its crazy. So have a peep u g33k.

A major corporate stuffs up again.


Geeky, hack your stuff